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Retaining Platinum Elite Status

Question asked by ravin on Mar 10, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2013 by anadyr

I'm a member of Marriott rewards since 2004-2005 and have been a platinum or gold elite member since then. I understand that it takes 75 nights for platinum level.I checked that I stayed for more than 75 nights between Dec-2011 and Nov 2012...and was expecting to see my Platinum level renewed. I was disappointed to see the communication that I've been downgraded to Gold level instead of Platinum level because I stayed for 69 or 70 nights (don't remember exactly) in calendar 2012. I was not aware that the period for qualification start from Jan 1 - Dec 31. I thought it was rolling 12 months and not the calendar year. On that note...most of the folks in this forum would agree that its very difficult to time the business trips to meet the qualifying nights exactly within a calendar year, even though everybody including me genuinely tries to achieve the same.


I also have nights from 2011 that can be rolled over to 2012 to be counted for the status qualification. I hope MR customer service takes a note of this post and given its close to 75 nights, reaches out to me to let me know that my Platinum level is reinstated...


I saw quite a few posts that are related/on this same topic and looks like they have been able to retain their status. I'm not sure what is the best way to approach this with the MR customer service...any help suggestions is appreciated.