Rhodium Premier--the time has come!

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Yep, that right, Rhodium, prize winner for the world's most precious (and under-appreciated) metal:


Though its name may sound like a place where cowboys strut their stuff, rhodium is actually one of the world's most valuable metals. This shiny, silvery-colored metal is commonly used for its reflective properties -- in objects like search lights, mirrors and jewelry finish. 

According to Kitco, a company who keep tracks of these things, "Paul McCartney may have sung about a man with a silver hammer, but to celebrate his pre-eminent status as a recording artist, the Guinness Book of World Records presented him with a rhodium disc."

Spot prices for Rhodium, mined in South Africa and Russia, are 1200 dollars (US) per ounce, a bargain when considering the price of gold is much higher.


So I suggest we have a new status level:  Rhodium Premier, and I would be happy to be the first member of this elite fraternity of loyal stayers.

Impress your friends and colleagues with your knowledge of the precious metal catalog while strutting your hotel staying stuff at the office.