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Question asked by guido on Mar 7, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by vaboywnder
  1. I have a catagory 7 award that took 270,000 marriott points it was a special deal for being a time share owner.  I am trying to book that award and am being ask online what the number or type?
  2. Is that reward only redeemable in a hotel or can it also be used for 5 nights in a timeshare?
  3. The expiration date is 1/14/14.  Does the travel need to be completed by 1/14/14? Or just booked by then?
  4. We want to take a vacation 2/14, is the certificate date extendable?
  5. If the award is a cstagory 7 and I book in a category 6 can I get an upgraded room?


Thank you, Guido S.


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