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Showing Gratitude to an Associate?

Question asked by anadyr on Mar 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2013 by anadyr

Here's a twist on the subject of kindness, my previous post:  Have you ever done something for a Marriott associate that showed your gratitude for something they did to assist you, or something that you could give them that you knew they would appreciate? I know we all tip sometimes but was there ever a time when you went over and above the mere passing of a few bills to them?

During one of those legendary DC snow and  ice storms I willingly gave a Marriott hotel concierge a ride home even though she did not ask me. I saw that she was fretting leaving her aged mother home alone for a night and fearful that the power might go out.  She'd been offered a room by management to overnight at the hotel. but I could see that the worries of family were foremost in her mind.  Driving back after dropping her off I was also afraid that I'd never get back safely but I was happy to have helped her get to her destination.