Kindness 2.0: turning the other cheek.

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I posted this a while ago, before I left Insiders but it speaks to kindness and forgiveness as well.


Some years ago I met a former adversary, a retired KGB general, who was then en route to becoming a US citizen.  We were hired as instructors by a government agency to work with new recruits.  As I shook his hand for the first time, he said, "Roger, nice to see you again!"  Of course we had never met before so it was a Russian joke of sorts.  No one laughed, He and I have become good friends over the years. We seldom discuss the "good old days," since there were none.


I and others wrote letters to the State Department to prevent the deportation of his lovely wife, then dealing with cancer, to Russia where she would be a "guest" of the prison system since in a twist of fate, he was declared a traitor to mother Russia!


I could have refused and he himself never asked for help, being a stoic and proud man.  I did it for his wife and for him.  She died in the US, not in her homeland.