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Error with status or wrong info from Kaela G. with Marriott Platinum Premier Services?

Question asked by chrispark on Mar 6, 2013

Hi there,


I found out I was downgraded to regular
Platinum this year. (Used to be Platinum Premier)


Last September 21, 2012 I communicated with Platinum
Premier Services and below is the email.


According to this email I stayed 89 nights already in last
September and I need 75 nights to maintain Platinum Premier status


How come I can be downgraded to a regular Platinum?


My guess is I became or very close to a lifetime Platinum this
year maybe this caused an error to the Marriott system?


Anyway, I am very disappointed.


Because maybe I got wrong info from Marriott I was downgraded.


I could have stayed more than 125 nights last year with Marriott but I did not.


Simply, because I got information from Platinum Premier
Services I only need 75 nights stay to maintain Platinum Premier status.


I am very disappointed with Marriott and would like to get
proper answers from Marriott.


Best Regards,



On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 8:43 AM, PlatinumPremierServices

<> wrote:

> Dear Mr. Park:


> Thank you for contacting Marriott Platinum Premier Services.  We are delighted to provide you with information.


> Your total membership nights is 721. Included in that 721 is the 89 night you have earned this year. Your number of lifetime points is 1,900,866. Your current balance of points is 402,866. To maintain your platinum premier status you must stay 75 nights or more a year.


> If you have additional inquiries, we invite you to reply to this email.  It would be our pleasure to assist.


> Thank you for choosing Marriott.


> Regards,

> Kaela G.

> Marriott Platinum Premier Services