Rewards Members - we cannot stop the drumbeat to management now!

Discussion created by stelzer001 on Mar 6, 2013
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Here is what we, as loyal Marriott Members have lost in the last 2 -3 years


Devaluation of our points

Loss of elite $1,000 gift checks

No breakfast on weekends in USA/CDA

Lack of recogniton of Silver/Gold/Palt/PP/LP status at most full service and other Marriott's

Upgrades - not happening


Courtyards - no more free coffee in lobby, awful microwaved Breakfast at exhorbitant prices

Loss of AA as a partner for travel packages

Making changes based on customer input (really? where do you find these customers - they must be the same dead people who vote in Chicago elections, where the slogan is vote early and often - and no offense to Chicagoan's, I lived there and love the city, just not its corrupt political machine)


And the list goes on. Others, please add as you see fit.


My only point, to Michelle, community manager and others is this is not unnoticed, we are growing resentful. What do we have in return:

Rollover nights

4th night free on redemptions

clarity on lifetime status, which most properties dont care about, dont recognize and its become a big "so what"

free internet for gold/plat - its the slowest conx, so its really not worth much


Seems like, in my accountant view, the losses outnumber the gains. The scale is now tilted away from your most loyal, caring members, who spend big, and often.


It seems like no suggestion made on this board ever gets adopted, and while we may be impatient, we do watch and wait. Marriott management should start to worry, because that leaking sound being hear is your most loyal members straying, going to Hilton, Starwood, Hyatt and others.


I strongly suggest a true "voice of the customer" survey, ask us what we want, what we would pay for, what perks are important to us, BY BRAND. Show us the results. Make sure you get the people who post here, we are the voice of those who dont post, and those who just lurk.


We know you and the properties need to make a profit. We ask that you really think long and hard about what you have done, and where can you give back what you took away, things that were popular, that we all enjoyed, that made your program WHAT IT WAS and COULD BE, BUT ISN"T RIGHT NOW.


Other insiders, add your commets, your voice, your views. Dissent is only effective if its fresh continuous and widespread (ask the Occupy Wall Street Crowd). We have the power of the purse, and we can exercise it. We have a choice in hotels, and we will start to make it. Marritt, you cannot say you havent been warned.