Nominating Greg R., Customer Care Manager

Discussion created by fennelly on Mar 6, 2013
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Greg R. showed outstanding customer care initiative by following up on a frustrated message I left on the Marriot FaceBook page and ensuring that, not only my issue was resolved, but my faith in Marriott's commitment to customer service was restored. Some background:


My husband and I are members of Marriott Vacation Club International and own 2 deeded weeks and 1500 VCI Destination points. In December, 2012, I discovered that 1500 points that I thought had been banked were about to expire. This upset me greatly, since I intended to use those points to book a vacation and was certain I had banked them on the website. Repeated calls to MVCI Customer Service were useless, as was escalating to "supervisors" who said there was nothing they could do. When I commented that I was never going to buy another VC point from MVCI, they didn't care at all. This upset me since we had been loyal Marriott customers for years and this was NOT the customer service we'd grown to expect. Expecting nothing but the satisfaction of venting my frustration, I posted a message on the Marriott Facebook page and was immediately contacted by Mr. R. who investigated the issue, got my points restored, and, more importantly, salvaged my regard for Marriott Customer Service.


I feel it is very important that Marriott continue to distinguish itself as a quality organization by recognizing Greg R. outstanding commitment to customer service!