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As mentioned in another thread, my wife & I have decided to escape the mainland & take our 5yo daughter to Hong Kong for 4 nights 4/3 - 4/7. I don't really have any specific questions, so I thought I would just lay out my thoughts so far mostly to help me get them organize, but also to see what other people think.


Lodging wise, I think I've narrowed it down to the Courtyard Hong Kong and Renaissance Harbor View. I'm kind of leaning towards doing the first 2 nights in the CY & then the weekend at the Renaissance. Also, up in the air is how to pay and which rates to use (I qualify for US Gov rates so I need to compare those with advance purchase).


I have 1 CAT 1-4 cert & 1 CAT 1-5 cert available. The Courtyard is a CAT 4, so I'm thinking of using the 1-4 cert for one night & saving the other for a Cat 5 when I go to Europe in a few months.

For the other night it looks like I can either do a Garden View for 944HKD (Gov rate) or Harbor View for 1380HKD.


Renaissance is CAT 6, so I can't use a certificate & reward nights are 30k for a Garden View. I don't want to use points for both nights because I want to make sure it counts as a stay & I don't know if it would or not. Gov rate is the best cash option at 2000HKD for Garden View or 2500HKD for Harbor View.


So, is the Harbor view worth an extra 436HKD at Courtyard or 500HKD at Renaissance? Not to mention that using a certificate or points for the other night would give me a Garden View, so if I sprang for the Harbor View on the other night I would most likely have to change rooms unless they upgraded me on the free night. If I decided to do this is it better to start at the nicer room and then downgrade or vice versa?


As for activities we are thinking:

-Surprise our daughter with Disney since I don't think she knows there is one there

-Ocean Park as she saw a picture of it somewhere and is begging for us to take her there so she can see dolphins

-Victoria Peak


-Giant Buddha


I just got my Gold status, so I've never really used concierge services before. Would going to them about getting tickets to Disney etc... be a good idea? Or, is it better to just buy them direct online or pay at the gate?


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