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Two rewards members, one stay for business - how do I earn points?

Question asked by diamondscribe on Mar 5, 2013
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My company annually books an extended stay - usually six or seven weeks - at a Residence Inn in Florida.


However, the room is shared by two people - usually one starts off, gets a break of a week or so to return home, and then returns for the remainder of the original booking period.


Most times, I'm the guy in the middle. I want to earn points and get credit for my stay, but the property says it's impossible to do so.


I can't believe that it's not possible to split the stay between two Marriott Rewards participants. I've been told by others in the same industry that they've made it happen - it just takes a front desk staff willing to go the extra mile. Unfortunately, I rarely see the same front desk staffers from one year to the next..


Two years ago, they refused my request and when I called toll-free land after the stay they gave me the points I would have earned, told me they coudln't give me credit for the stay, but bumped me from Gold to Platinum for the next year. The frustrating thing is that the guy who checked in first got credit for the nights I stayed, and earned points for them.


Last year, I was the party who checked in, but had to leave early to tend to a family emergency back home - but instead of getting credit for the whole stay, the guy who replaced me was told it was no problem to just give him points/nights for the period he stayed. In other words, different people being told different things by different front desk staff.


This year, this situation could deprive me of a stay for purposes of a promotion to earn a free night.


Any ideas from you road warriors? Surely, someone's traversed this territory before. Any help greatly appreciated.