Nominating Amanda  Z--the Epitome of the Marriott Spirit to Serve

Discussion created by anadyr on Mar 5, 2013
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After spending a week at the always welcoming and beautifully maintained Residence Inn in Palm Desert California, I must recognize the exceptional service of Front Desk Associate, Amanda Z. 

We've known Amanda for several years and have marveled at her multi-tasking ability:  when we checked in she was out on property chasing a guest's dog who had gotten loose, for the fifth time.  Her willingness to serve guests is legendary.  Amanda is alone at the desk for a long shift and greets each of us with a smile and a helpful attitude. She never seems to be hurried or uninterested.   Her focus, even when several people are vying for her attention. never fades.

Amanda makes the stay at the Residence Inn special and I nominate her for a Spirit to Serve award.