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What would you add to help you search hotels?

Question asked by dollard on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2013 by anadyr

My family and I love to travel and try to do new locations as much as possible but the issue we always run into is having to find a location and then search for the hotels and prices then. I would love to see the ability to do the following and maybe some of these are there and I just don't know about them.


  • Select dates and let a large number of hotels come to me (Then I can sort through these with options like price, pool, free breakfast)
  • Select dates and also allow me to pick place that have particular options like two bedroom hotel rooms (With two small children it is a headache to find larger rooms or two bedroom suites or condos with out going through every hotel individually.)
  • Allow me to search all of the vacation clubs by just a date and no specific country. I want the ability to scout around to all the locations and see rough prices for particulars times of the years and locations.
  • Maybe if we can't do this have an on-line Marriott travel agent I call and say I am looking for they amenities around this time of year and have them give me options.


I don't know if some other people would like those options but I personally would. I like to travel to new locations and not to the same one every year. I want options, I want the ability to say hey this hotel for some reason has a great price lets go and try it out.


Anyone else have thoughts or ideas how they do this.