Marriott Split Pricing?

Discussion created by painedplatinum on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by californian

I must have missed this, but recently, let's say since Jan. 1, there seems to be a new pricing structure when booking on Marriott .com.  The advertised price on the web site is often a teaser rate that "changes" to a higher rate on night 2 and sometimes even higher on continuous nights. Example, Night 1... $109... Night 2... $125...Nights 3 & 4.. $135.  The advertised price shows up as $109. When you click on the hotel, it exposes the change to $125 for night 2. No mention of the still higher rate until you choose to make the reservation. Then, and only then, does the higher rate for nights 3 and 4 show up. I find this very misleading.  Has anyone else noticed this web site pricing format change?