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Salt Lake City, RI, has a winner, Elaine!

Question asked by jerrycoin on Mar 4, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2013 by laurac

Never stayed here before, but a short distance from the SLC airport is a wonderful hotel experience!


At the front desk I was greeted by someone who actually knew my status with Marriott, and welcomed us sincerely.


She actually helped make sure everything worked in a Two Bedroom Suite and personally went up to the room to make sure everything was satisfactory to another guest as well who was checking in his large family.  You don't see this too much!


Her recommendations on dining and entertainment were excellent.  Best of all, instead of paying "Outrageous" prices at Park City, ( I don't ski), I could enjoy a 35 minute drive there and return to a hotel at at least half of the price there.


A wonderful six night stay as a result of Elaine.  Likewise, I am booking another trip here for late Fall.


Thanks for such a professional!



Elaine, inspecting a room for a guest.


This kind of service is what you want when you travel!  Let us know if you can find a better "Spirit to Serve" associate!