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Cruise awards

Question asked by mrs.santa on Mar 3, 2013
Latest reply on May 4, 2013 by eb5147

Hello everyone, this is my first time reading all your interesting comments.  I am a life time platinum premier member and have been staying at a CY in Easton Columbus, OH for the last 3+ years and though I have seen people come and go they have all been very pleasant and accommodating.  Yes I only get points or gift and I agree breakfast should be an included for our level,and they just did away with the free coffee this weekend so I am questioning m loyalty in what continued stays will achieve.

My question today is did I miss something in the news?  I no longer see booking cruises and using our points to pay for a cruise as an option.  This would be terrible, I have used my points to take 3 different cruises and still am sitting with over a million points.

What did I miss/