The art and science of people meeting

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Yep, that's it in a nutshell.  We travel for a multitude of reasons but we remember the people we meet along the way.  Spending a week in the Coachella Valley of California brings you in contact with folks, many folks, whose lives are worth hearing about.


At dinner at John Henry's Cafe last night we sat next to an Operatic Tenor and a retired Psychiatrist, and it was hard to top the stories of either of them shared.  And hard to finish dinner since we'd spent the time not eating but listening.


Previously at the Cliff House we'd been seated with a music producer (about to open a pre-broadway run in Chicago) and member of a famous songwriting family.  Again, we barely finished dinner, listening to these stories.


A nightcap at Vicky's allowed to to sit back and relax listening to Doug Montgomery play piano and sing.  Among the audience were some Vegas performers who took to the mic to belt out a few tunes.  Without much urging he launched into the full piano rendition of Gershwin's classic,
Rhapsody in Blue.


Like I said it's the people meeting and even watching that makes travel fun.