Vienna, Austria - A few questions, if you please...

Discussion created by pluto77 on Mar 3, 2013
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We'll be visiting Vienna in late May.  We are considering either the Vienna Marriott or the Renaissance Imperial Riding School Vienna Hotel.  I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has stayed at either of these properties, about their hotel experience.  I would also like to know if the Renaissance Hotel is within walking distance to all of the main attractions, or if not, how convienient the s-bahn/u-bahn is.  It looks like the Marriott is right in the heart of things.



  • Spanish Riding School.  Has anyone ever purchased tickets for their morning practice sessions and guided tour?  What can you tell us about it?  There will not be any performances while we are there.  Also, what is the difference if any, between the Spanish Riding School and the Imperial Riding School?
  • How many days should be reserved for touring the city of Vienna and it's most worthy attractions (ie. palaces, riding school, museums, music, dining, coffee, wine, parks, Danube, etc.) if this is a one time shot?
  • Restaurant or coffee house recommendations?


Finally, I enjoyed this video of the Lipizzaners that I found this morning while doing my research.  Warning:  If you are a classical purist, you will hate it, so spare yourself.  I enjoyed the footage put to contemporary music.

Lipizzaners ~ Halo - YouTube


Thanks for your help!