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Elite Rewards (Where are they?)

Question asked by jtbeadle on Mar 1, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 14, 2015 by lexusprincess

Hi All -

I am really frustrated and now considering leaving Marriott for SPG or HH. I have PP status which seems useless and Lifetime Platinum Status (new rules) and 500,000 points in my account. I have no incentive to keep earning Marriott Points. If I jump ship to Hilton or Starwood I be a bottom fish for a while but do 70-90 nights a year so soon enough I'll get status with another brand. The removal of the E195 reward of $1,000 gift checks for 135,000 points was a huge reason I stayed in the program. It was an Elite Reward Benefit. Now I cannot find any elite reward benefits and no mention of a coming soon ... I DO NOT EXPECT $1000 for 135K of points again that was a great deal. But the out sourcing to Skymall for the $1,000 gift card is too much at 204K points. As a Platinum Premier I feel that we should get some perks above regular Platinum, Gold, Silver etc... I have yet to see it. Give us a 20-25% point break on Sky Mall Gift card redeems year round. Something to show value to the Top 3% consumers of your brand. So far only the The Seattle Airport Marriott has shown me that they recognize the Plat Prem Status. The Dearborn in Michigan was and I quote... "you are the same as platinum here and we have no additional benefits for you"  Michelle on this site has mentioned that Marriott is cooking up some rewards but without some advertising emails or something to keep us interested and patient I feel many like me will be moving to other brands. inum