In the year 2525

Discussion created by anadyr on Mar 1, 2013

Yes the 1969 (one) hit (wonder) by Zager and Evans,"In the Year 2525 (Exordium and Terminus)" a vivid anthem speaking of those turbulent times the state of a nation, and an era when we had no loyalty programs at all. In other words, the dark ages. 

But here's my vision of a check-in at that time (2525):

An automated voice welcomes you to the hotel, smiling and greeting you as a Plutonium Premier Executive Elite.  You have been pre-selected by DNA recombinant analysis to get a certain room, and since  none of them have windows, you cannot complain about the view.  You are taken by teleportation to your room, where you see various screens, each thought-enabled.  If you want a pillow (three dollars) you think of a pillow, etc.  Personal hygiene items are also individually priced, with shampoo costing a mere five dollars.  Watch the personal entertainment system: fifty dollars per hour, but it is in total surround sound and video.  As this is a category one hundred hotel, you stay is costing you a mere three million points.  You smile and wonder if you should spring for a sheet on the sleeping platform.