What is Loyalty, Who Matters, and Why We Should Care

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I have spoken with many MRIs on and off the site, and we are talking about what loyalty means and how it needs to be a two-way street.  Too many of us feel we have given loyalty to Marriott and in return we have lost upgrades, CL privileges, weekend breakfasts, and most recently more points to stay at increasingly-difficult-to-stay-at properties that are now Category 9.  Polls, such as those conducted by Jasper100, have ignited a huge number of responses but no result. To me, that says it all. They don't care what we think or need.


Of course some hotel chains like Hilton and others have also made life more difficult for its most frequent customers, but while I'm not a fan of Hilton, it counts rewards stays as stays and its threshold is lower for elite levels.


I am only one person, but when offered the possibility of using 40,000 pts (1 Cat 8 hotel night) to maintain my Platinum status, I said an outright no.  Within a few days I got my Gold card in the mail, though it told me I could still maintain my status by sacrificing those points.  Not gonna happen.


I have seen too many MR Insiders devalued, treated poorly, (sometimes possibly) censored, and have most of all seen the value of my loyalty be ever more devalued as Marriott's bottom line seems the only thing they care about. Do we as clients/customers count anymore, even if we spend or stay a lot? I think not.


I will be staying at fewer and fewer Marriott hotels as time goes by since I have gotten great deals from better independent/boutique hotels the past year even as I was devalued as a Marriott customer. And yes, Marriott is right that I did not spend the requisite number of nights but I did spend thousands of dollars because of where I travel.

All I can say is

Listlessly and sadly,