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Do I understand rental car insurance correctly?

Question asked by 7 on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 1, 2013 by californian

Aside from a U-Haul, I have never rented a car before. I will when we go on vacation in May, so I'm trying to learn all about it before I book anything.


As background, I am a US resident living overseas and do not own a home. I do have the USAA US Touring Auto Policy which would cover me for rentals in the US, however I am looking to rent in Europe this summer so that doesn't apply.


I have the Marriott Visa Signature card which apparently provides secondary insurance on rentals. However, since I have no primary coverage in Europe, that would make it primary, correct?


So, I should be able to rent a car, deny the CDW/LDW & Theft coverage as that would all be covered by the Visa card, right?


I also have an Amex card and have seen their $24.95 Premier package, but it doesn't seem like their is really incentive for me to go with that as I'm only renting for 6 days.


The only problem I see with either of those is that they don't include liability. I don't PLAN to get into an accident that is my fault. But, I will be driving in a foreign country & I haven't driven in almost 2 years. So, is there any option that does include liability that I should look at? It appears that even the expensive plans offered by the rental agencies don't include liability. Should I just use my Visa as I mentioned earlier and be extra careful?