FAD and hotel stays

Discussion created by anadyr on Feb 24, 2013

Like most of us I wonder why we have not heard recently about the world famous Frustration/Aggression/Displacement (FAD) hypothesis, the rationale given for the behavior called "scapegoating."


You're scratching your head and asking 'so what?' I saw it myself recently at a check-in at a F.S. Marriott, when a guest went "ballistic" over some promised but not delivered thing (small enough that I could not catch the gist of the conversation, but see the histrionics involved) sand began arguing with the associate at the front desk. None of us like to be lectured, let alone yelled at, and this associate handled it well.  Later, I saw the offender, the guest, apologize for the behavior.


Well, many of us might be seeing this kind of FAD at a hotel as people perceive that the rug has not only been pulled out from under them category and upgrade wise.  Be aware that it can lead to arm gesturing and being foolish.  Apologize  in advance -- that's my policy.  But there is a lot of pent up frustration out there as the programs give less and less.  So be nice.



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