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What if?

Question asked by anadyr on Feb 22, 2013
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What if there were no loyalty program at Marriott?  What if Marriott simply extended its best and most welcoming hospitality to you as a guest?  What if there was no race for points or status?  What if the savings from not having the programs would actually result in lower rates for all?


Assuming other hotels kept their loyalty programs, would you still choose Marriott or would you not? 

If all lodging companies dropped out, what would you do?

I am asking this in an unscientific survey to see what part of loyalty to Marriott hinges on the extras that come with Marriott Rewards and what part of your choice hinges on the reliability, the reputation and the quality of the Marriott brandwide?

I would most likely choose Marriott because I know what to expect.  But each of us has different views. I would love to hear yours.