Gaithersburg Marriott Still Delivering the Goods

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Anytime I get a bit agitated over Marriott's aggressive profit maximization tactics (and us DC area Redskin fans have been 'Snydered' for over a decade, so we know squeezing when we see it) a stay at one of the many well run DC area Marriotts often brings me back to a peace of mind, equilibrium. Most all of the DC area properties are well run, customer oriented hotels, perhaps due to their proximity to and exposure from corporate HQ. The Gaithersburg Md. Marriott, which I have visited since the 80s, fits the profile well. Good 340 sq. ft. rooms, more than half of them with pleasant (my photo doesn't do it justice, see website photos) lake views and the trademark comfortable beds, easy access to the Interstate (but no noise), solid internet services and free parking. I've had good meals at the Grille. I'm thinking post renovations, this property is really going to hit the mark of excellence. The Gaithersburg Marriott has in my experience, always been crisply run, treated us fine, and provided a solid evening's stay; be it for a special occasion like dinner at Volt up the road in Frederick, an enjoyable weekend at the contiguous Rio Center with a nice meal, movie, and summertime festivals or (shhh) a holiday oasis when visiting the in-laws, just down the street (you can often grab a weekend $79 or $89 rate).


The property is undergoing a major renovation and as often the case with Marriott associates, they really double down on service when the challenges increase. Gymrats, the workout room is currently closed, but if you're up for it, you can take a pleasant, quick, walk along the lake to Sport and Health Fitness Center (free) and not skip a beat. The concierge lounge, modest in size, is competently staffed and loaded with all the things we like, along with a soothing lakefront view. So in summary; no, not a JW, not the Cosmopolitan, nor the St. Pancras Renaissance, but a well run, satisfying suburban Cat. 4 (next year also) property which was just the antidote I needed to help me remember what it's all about - a great day to be alive.

PS - michellel2 and Andy communitymanagers , as we drove by HQ on 270, we gave you a 'tip of the wing' honk in appreciation for your recent efforts of communicating public info to us Insiders as soon as possible. I appreciate it.



One of the concierge and tenth floor room views (even nicer when green, note walking/jogging path).

A solid CY at top of photo, (but no free coffee/breakfast)

Plenty of restaurants behind the buildings and retail - swan paddle boat rides and Jimmy Buffett type bands in the summer.

The Marriott is giving double check in bonus during renovation (so you can have your wine and points)