Los Angeles Marriott Burbank Airport Hotel

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Last week I took a trip to Burbank to attend a convention.  Normally when visiting the area I stay at the Burbank Courtyard but since the convention was being held at the Marriott (formerly a Hilton) I decided to stay there.  This was my first visit to this property which is literally across the street from the Burbank airport and I was really impressed.  The front desk offered a separate Elite check in line and the clerk who served me was extremely friendly and made me feel welcomed.  I was upgraded to a Executive suite in the West Tower and had a nice view of the airport.  The room was very spacious and the bed was very comfortable.  At first the room seemed a little stuffy and I was disappointed that none of the windows would open but after adjusting the thermostat the room cooled down nicely.

The hotel does have a concierge lounge which is located on the first floor of the East Tower near it's convention center.  Unfortunately the hotel does not offer a free breakfast to Gold/Platinum members when the lounge is closed on weekends. However the Front Desk agent indicated that management is giving some consideration to having the lounge open seven days a week.

Amenities of the hotel include two pools (one in each tower), a whirlpool, large gym, and hotel restaurant (Daily Grill).  The pool in the East tower is the most popular and also the most visible.  It is located next to the hotel lobby and is easily seen by pedestrians traveling between the two towers and the convention center.  The pool in the west tower is hidden by a surrounding wall and is located behind the restaurant but is only accessible by a service elevator from the guest room floors.  So if your looking for a more private pool you will want to go to the west tower as it appears some guests maybe unaware of its location. 

The Daily Grill restaurant was surprisingly very good for a hotel restaurant.  They have a large menu and very attentive wait staff.  Other food options in the hotel area are limited.  Across the street is a Del Taco, Denny's, and McDonald's.  There are many other nice restaurants in downtown Burbank and near the studios which are a short drive away.  If your ever staying in the area I recommend checking out the Warner Brother's VIP studio tour.  It's a 2 hour tour and an entertaining way of getting a behind the scenes feel of how the studios work.  I do recommend making reservations in advance via their website or phone.

When choosing between this Marriott and the Burbank Courtyard you really can't go wrong with either one.  The advantages of the Courtyard over the Marriott include free parking (Marriott charges $18 day), room options with balconies, large courtyard area with palm trees, and better location (in walking distance to store and shops).  The advantages of the Marriott over the Courtyard would include the concierge's lounge and better opportunity to get room upgrades since it has a total of 93 suites and the Courtyard only has 6.  Burbank is a great city and if you have never visited the area I highly recommend checking it out.