Question about reservation check-in

Discussion created by jilian764 on Feb 21, 2013
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I'm going to be staying at a Marriott in April, and I booked it under my name with my fiance's corporate rate (he's joining).  He is coming on the trip but will be joining me hours after I have already checked in.  However, he has platinum status and I have no status.  The hotel is now booked under my name for this corporate rate and I cannot make a new reservation under his name because the rate is no longer available for those dates.  Will there be any way once I get to the hotel to transfer the reservation to his account without him actually being present at the time?  I'd like to use the benefits of his account (free wi-fi, concierge access, etc.) but am unsure if I'll be able to set this up without him being present at the time of check-in.  I tried calling to transfer the reservation, but they said I can't do that over the phone.