Share you packing tips for extended or leisure trips

Discussion created by eb5147 on Feb 20, 2013

I've been considering this for a while.  It doesn't really go under the normal organizational items so I didn't post there.


One thing we have to have is our water pitcher filter.  Of course, we drive to our destinations for this.  We take small containers of flour, sugar, coffee, a few coffee filters, and some condiments like salt, pepper, and a few spices.  If there's anything that might go bad while away (like bread, fruits and vegetables), we take those and an ice chest.   


In traveling to resorts / timeshares, we're going to and from our place of transience so taxes on food are considered, also.  For instance, grocery tax is the same as on everything else in AL, so in Montgomery, AL; it's 10%.  Outrageous!!  SC and FL have 1% tax on groceries and TX has none.  I don't know about many of the other states, but since none seem to be higher than 10%, we don't bother about buying food to take with us.  Going back to AL, we do.


Big Lots is one of my favorite places to start my grocery shopping when I get somewhere since they also have gourmet foods at low prices.  If we've forgotten anything, that's sometimes a good place to get it, too.  With the 20% rewards member discount after spending $20 on each of 10 purchases, I try not to spend too much more than $20 at a trip.  After too many bad experiences at Wal-Mart, we don't shop for groceries there too often unless we know it's a good store with good customers, too.  Myrtle Beach, SC close to Coastal Grande mall isn't one of those so we stay away.


When eating at restaurants, if there are any leftovers, including sauces; those can make good additions or extensions to casserole dishes you cook in the room.


Sam's Club is one of our main standbys for groceries and gas.  If we're close to a Bob Evans, I use their take out family meals sometimes, too.

So, any tips from anyone else?