2013 Freddie Awards Voting (Will Marriott receive your Votes??)

Discussion created by jasper100 on Feb 19, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 12, 2013 by jasper100

I just voted on the 2013 Freddie Awards. Unfortunately, Marriott this year did not receive any of my votes for any category due to their continual devaluation of elite member benefits. In previous years, Marriott always got many of my votes. I hope Marriott can once again show that loyal elite members are important to them to gain Insiders support of the Freddies in the future. How will you vote for Marriott this year in the Freddies??


One also has to question Marriott's timing of implementing the point devaluation in light of the Freddie Awards voting. I have to guess that the Marriott is going to lose a lot of votes as a result and devalue their program in the eye of their customers even further. Another example of Marriott's disregard for their most loyal members by Marriott Management and Accountants!!! No longer the Marriott that J. W. Marriott built.