Upcoming Trip to Copenhagen, Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam and Dusseldorf

Discussion created by mgoes2 on Feb 17, 2013
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Okay, I'm fitting a lot into 10 days!


Here's the plan thus far for late April:

Copenhagen Marriott - 3 nights

Fly to Brussels

Brussels Marriott - 2 nights

Rent a car and drive/ or train to Bruges

Hotel Navarra Bruges - 1 night

Drive or train to Amsterdam

Renaissance Amsterdam - 2 nights

Train to Dusseldorf

Renaissance Dusseldorf - 1 night


Big question is to drive or take the train from Brussels/Bruges/Amsterdam.  I love to drive...even in Europe.  It will be a bit more expensive to drive, I think, but I love exploring and poking around interesting places.  Is it really crazy to drive this route or should I just take the train like most?


I'm also really interested in hearing suggestions about non-touristy things to do in these locations.  I love to try to absorb something of the culture and way of life in a, music, crafts, shopping, exploring.  I'm a slow walker, but can go for some distance.  Not too sure about trying to bike...haven't been on one for 30 years.