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I am a Premier Platinum Elite member, and have alot of Marriott stays under my belt. I wish to nominate one particular employee for a Spirit to Serve Award. Her name is Rosa H., and she works the ""Gatehouse" and prepares and serves the food at the Marriott Residence Inn in College, Station, Texas.


Rosa is always there with a huge smile on her face, and welcomes you with open arms upon arrival. She works tirelesly to prepare, serve and clean up the eating area. Her pleasant demeanor, and her courteous behavior always make it a pleasure to visit with her, and have something to eat. In the mornings, she is bright eyed and always, I mean always smiling, and wishes you a good day, and it is great to see her smiling face first thing in the morning! In the evenings, she will be there to greet everyone with a smile, and ask how your day went. She is never in a bad mood and is alway positive and cheery.


It is amazing to me that she is so upbeat and friendly all the time! It appears that she never has a bad day. If  you are looking for something, she will stop whatever she is doing, and ask you what you need. If she does not have it out, she will go into the kitchen area and get it for you without hesitation.


I want to let you know that Rosa is a special asset to the Marriott Corporation, and in particular, the Residence Inn in College Station, Texas. She and the entire staff are wonderfull. She exemplifies the "Spirit to Serve" that Marriott Hotels speak of. She should be commended for her outstanding abilities to make everyone feel welcome and at home at the hotel. She should be recognized for her service to your customers!



Tim S.

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