Are the Days of the Hotel Front Desk Numbered?

Discussion created by gemprincess on Feb 13, 2013
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Very interesting article in Bizjournal (link below) spectulating that the days of the traditional hotel front desk are numbered.


Instead, they apectulate it has been, or will be replaced by:

  • Some deluxe hotels currently take guests directly to their rooms and perform checkin there.  One of the more interesting ones is Hayman Resorts, Great Barrier Reef, Australia where checkin is done on the yacht transfer over a glass of champaign.

  • Some have pedestals and customer-service agents (does CY qualify as this?)
  • some have roving "hosts" with portable computers (sort of like the Verizon store?)
  • Some have guests check themselves in with automated teller machines (the equivalent of the self checkout lane in stores?)


What do you think will happen?


Or what do you prefer?