Can 2 or more free night at Category 1-4 be used for partial credit for Category 5 hotel?

Discussion created by kevinmn on Feb 13, 2013
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Hi All,


I am new to Marriott rewards and I travel a lot for business. So under the Mega Bonus I will get probably 3 or 4 nights at category 4 or lower hotel. Is it possible to redeem them for partial credit towards a stay at a category 5 hotel?


My hope is that since a category 4 night stay is worth 20,000 pts and a category 5 night stay is worth 25,000 pts that I could either use my free nights and pay the difference or use 2 free nights to get 1 free night at a category 5. My thought processes is 2 nights category 4 nights is worth 40,000 and 1 night category 5 is worth 25,000. So I am actually loosing some value but I'd be ok with that. I want to use my rewards on a family vacation but all of the hotels I'd like to stay at are category 5.


Thanks in advance for your help.