New Marriott Rewards Visa Signature (black) card promo

Discussion created by thetimmer on Feb 14, 2013
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I received in the mail today a promotion for a Marriott Rewards Visa Signature (black card) promo. The spending bonus was upgraded from 50,000points to 70,000 and the anniversary night stay was expanded from Cat 1-4 to Cat 1-5 hotels. My problem: I applied and was approved on January 8th (today is Feb 14th) for the card under the old 50,000 / Cat 1-4 anniversary stay credit. I tried talking to a Chase person and they said if the offer was within 30 days of the approval they could've been able to do something. But 36 days has passed. No dice. Don't know if she was blowing smoke up my a$$ or not.


I will try and call Marriott Rewards on Feb 15th to see what they can do. Should I bother? Anyone here with luck getting upgraded to better offers shortly (or not so shortly) after they received a new card?