Billing Problem advice - problem with Autograph Hotel + Gift Card

Discussion created by bippie on Feb 13, 2013
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I would appreciate the community's advice on where to start addressing my problem.


In December, I stayed at the Winterhaven, an Autograph Collection hotel on Miami Beach. At checkout, I attempted to use Marriott Gift Cards to pay for the stay. The front desk told me that the hotel was unable to accept gift cards because their system was not ready but that Marriott Corporate was coming the following week to prepare their system and train the employees. I was asked to leave the gift cards and they would use them to settle the bill after the training was complete.


The front desk clerk agreed to sign a letter detailing this arrangement, acknowledging the receipt of the gift cards. The letter detailed the gift card numbers/balances. I still have the original signed letter.


I thought this was a closed issue but yesterday, 2 months later, the hotel charged my credit card for the stay. I checked the Marriott gift card site and the gift cards still show active and the balances are intact. I want the hotel to utilize the gift cards to settle the bill for this stay.


To whom should I address this issue? The hotel manager (who has not returned previous requests for a phone call)? Marriott Gift Card customer service? Marriott Rewards customer service? Marriott's general customer service? Should I file a dispute with Amex (where my stay was charged)? Or should I try all of the above and see what works first? I guess I'm really asking the community if they beleive one area of customer service is more successfull than others at resolving problems.


I am LP and have never been more angry with a Marriott property and the way a situation was handled. I need to calm down before talking to anyone at Marriott so thanks for letting me vent....and thanks for any advice on the most effective place to start the complaint process.