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Loyal Members United To Voice: We Will or Considering Switch Our Business

Question asked by ljharmony on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2013 by shoeman1000

Like many of you, I have moved my business travel to Marriott and have been loyal for over 22 years.  MR continues to treat its most loyal guests like beggars.


Voicing here doesn't mean much to their Marketing executives.  We should vote and register our pledge here: move our business to others.  The more of us speak up, the more they recognize their potential impact.


So, can you pledge to send and alert at least four other MR members and tell each of them to also alert another four.  With this domino effect, our efforts will mean something.


Also, even if you don't know four MR members, tell at least four travelers DON'T BE A MR MEMBER.  Tell them to tell others as well. 


Tell them sign up anything such as hilton, SPG, Fairmont, BW, etc.


MR need to know this will affect their current loyal guests as well as future guests.