Win M./ A Real "Pro" at Hospitality!

Discussion created by jerrycoin on Feb 12, 2013
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Win M., had done wonderful work for my family and my family for the past three years of staying at this Residence Inn!


She others and us with directions and information about scenic sights like "Superstition Mountain" and the nearby "Ghost town",


Her recommendation on dining has always been "Right on", and has led us to memorable meals at Lon's, Petite Maison, and other places.


Recently, she handled a "Difficult" situation involving a "Loud" guest firmly, professionally, and tactfully.  She "Blocked" a lovely room for us and we really had a wonderful stay!


Win M., I hope others enjoy your professionalism as much as I have!




Jerry M.


Win M. has "The Spirit to Serve"!