2013 Category Upgrades are a Major Devalue to the Whole Progam

Discussion created by marshallp on Feb 12, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2013 by communitymanagers

I was shocked when I saw the extent to which the categories were increased.   This was not like prior years where they tweaked a handful of categories to truely reflect recent activity or performance of the hotels.  This was a major adjustment/devaluation of the whole program, which must have been a deliberate decision from the very top brass from Marriott.  


1.  The free-stay certificates are now basically worthless.  All of the decent/destination hotels are now Category 5 or greater, and in most cases 6 or higher so I won't even be able to use the anniversay certificate anymore.  I can't remember the last time I stayed at any hotel that was less than Category 4 and I am not going to just to use a certificate.


2.  All of the nice hotels now will cost 40 - 45 thousand points.  Kiss all of your points goodbye if you are thinking about staying a few days in Europe or the Carribean.


3.  The Platinum gift bonus of between 250 - 500 is now pretty much a joke.  At that rate, I would need to stay a full service Marriott about 40 - 60 times before I earned enough gift points to warrant one free stay at a nice hotel.  Forget it, I might as well grab the free bag of chips.


Extremely dissapointed.