MR told me on phone earlier that cards are in process of being mailed

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MR told me on phone earlier that cards are in process of being mailed.


If you are approching Platinum Elite Lifetime, you certainly travel a lot. A lot depends on time span, but 750 nights is a lot of time away from home!! But also a lot of points. But takes a lot these days. Did 2 days in Venice at Boccolo Venezia (new to Marriott but not owned) and 2 days in Paris at a Rennassaince before and after a Med Cruise, and I used 150,000 points!!!


I was blessed in that ~90% of my Marriott stays were in NYC where I had an office. And my daughter lives on the Upper West Side, so had dinner with her virtually once a week for almost a decade. And wife and I were up there at WTC Marriott often to spend weekend with her. I suspect more than 500 nights in NYC. Stayed at a non-Marriott in NYC only 4 or 5 times over the many years times, when some Corporate moron decided to save money!!! Always won the day on location and personal amenities and comfort (big deal to me!!)! <g> The WTC Marriot was 3 blocks north of my office on Broadway and after 9-11, the Marriott Financial Center was a block closer.