Question about cell phone use/ideas for Europe

Discussion created by richard37075 on Feb 10, 2013
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Question once again for some of you seasoned European travelers.


My wife and I will be in London, Paris, and Rome in May and I would to ask for some pointers on using my cell phone or maybe renting something before I go.


I have read so many options I'm beginning to get a bit overwhelmed.  I really need my Iphone for all of the apps, files, and maps that I have downloaded preparing for the trip.  This would require some sort of data plan, but not necessarily phone calls.  On the other hand, should I need to make a call, I really would want a good call rate sim card for my phone.  There doesn't seem to be a product that does both.


I have also considered just buying a cheap international capable phone for making calls, and then getting a good data card to allow my iphone to use all the apps and for gps.


Any help or clarification would be awesome, thanks everyone.