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Taste of Gold- Please help

Question asked by aa_travel on Feb 10, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2013 by alrenaissance

Hello Everyone. I am hoping someone can provide me with some insight as to whether or not there are any options available.


Last spring, without request, I was sent a gold card. It was only valid for only 3 months. I did not pay much attention to the promotion or why I received the card because due to my work schedule I was not able to make any travel plans.


Apparently, this was the "Taste of Gold" challenge. I found this out because my travel is now increasing greatly for work and I was searching for a way to reach the next status level faster when I came across the "taste of Gold" challenge. When I contacted customer service to request the "Taste of Gold" challenge, they told me I was not eligible because I was previously enrolled in the challenge back in the spring.


Has anyone else had an issue with being automatically enrolled in challenges? I find it more than a little annoying that I cannot participate now because they sent me the challenge previously when I did not request it nor was I able to participate then.