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Platinum Pass on arrival ?

Question asked by nanaglo45 on Feb 9, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 11, 2013 by tryt53

Having just finished a stay at the Renaissance in downtown Seattle (which was super), I wanted to ask if anyone has experienced the new 'Platinum Pass' experience at any other Marriott properties. While traveling on the Coast Starlight from LA to Seattle, on the day of check-in I received an email on my smartphone asking at what time I expected to arrive. It said I would be phoned about 30 minutes before the anticipated arrival to be given details and that I would be met in the lobby by a staff member who would give me the keys to the room and I would bypass the lines at the front desk. This all occurred as stated and was a great perk. It was very nice to be met after a day of travel and escorted to my room without stopping for any significant length of time. All I had to show was my ID to verify who I was. I also got a lovely upgrade to a corner suite on the 25th floor with beautiful views....