Getting points for a room while you're using points for another...

Discussion created by jaykay on Feb 6, 2013
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I learned something today that I wanted to share with the group.


I recently stayed in London, and Marriott only now posted my points. The number was way, way below what I expected. When I spoke to the Rewards desk, I learned that if you are getting credit at one hotel, you can't also be getting credit at another. So in my case, I checked into my Marriott hotel, put my three weeks' worth of stuff there, and then went to Paris with the family, where I stayed in a Marriott and got points for that. I found out that I did not get points in London at the same time. I am not sure why they did this, because the fact is, they still collected money from me in two places.


Then I learned that if you are redeeming points in a hotel (for one room) while you are paying for a second room, you do not get points for what you paid for. This also seems completely illogical to me, because they are collecting money from the room I'm paying for.


But...those are the rules.