Travel "Mistakes"!

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Pluto, has gave me an idea to share with you, that is a little "Embarrassing", but true. 


Travel "Mistakes", I have made, that I hope YOU never DO!


Please add to this post, if you can share with others, "Experiences to AVOID", when traveling!


*    "Wrong train station, or airport"!

          As crazy as this sounds, I have done it multiple times.  Once in Berlin, I bought a train ticket at one station, thinking that was were the train left from.  WRONG!  thank goodness an                  

          alert desk clerk, corrected me, prior to going on the trip.


          Did make the same mistake on a "Connection" thru London to Switzerland.  Landed at Gatwick, and thought my connection was there, WRONG.  The connection was from "City Airport"

          Over and hour, and expensive trip away!  Check and re-check departure points.  This can happen in NYC, Chicago, and especially in Europe.


*    "Rental Cars", this is the single most "Travel Mistake" experience!

            First, NEVER rent a car, unless you are well planned and have an experience and competent "Navigator", if you are better at navigating than driving, do that, as driving is much easier.

            Know exactly where you will go to after leaving the airport, this is where most mistakes occur, and is very dangerous for you because of fatigue.

            Follow directions, and do not let "Your Gut" be your guide.  I make this mistake on my recent trip to Germany.  Leaving the Munich Airport, I thought I new a "Shortcut" to Munich.    

              Wasted over an hour, and if I had just followed the "Signs", would have had not problem.  (Isn't this how so many pilots crash?  They don't use their instruments!)

          Check to insure the location you are turning a rental car in is open and located at where you think.  Many are not open on week-ends or at night, and if it's at the airport, make sure

you have correct terminal!

          Know how to "Pay" at parking lots.  Many do not have attendants, and you must pay first, get a ticket, and use it upon exiting the lot.


*      "Check the room first"!

          Can't tell you how many times I have saved myself from a "Lousy room", by just looking at it PRIOR to taking my bags to the room.  This has happened at even some of my favourite hotels.


*    "You typically get what what you pay for with hotels"!

          Staying at the wrong location, because of price is a mistake.  The problem compounds itself because of increased travel expenses and then the weather is an issue.


*    "Trying to do to much"

          This is always a lead to disaster.  One trip, we walked to much, and my friend "Fell down" on a curb.  Not hurt seriously, but you have to "Know your limitations and those of your companions".


*      "Keep your paperwork in order"!

        This is so true with your passport, and boarding passes.  Once, on a "Day trip" to London from Paris, I thought I put my "Eurostar boarding pass" with my wallet.  I had actually put it in the "Sleeve of my jacket", at the last minute I found it, but it would have ruined the day for all of us, had I not found it!  Take special care of all paperwork, and carry copies of all reservations and names.


Well, that's a START, for my travel "Mistakes", would love to hear about yours.  Again, if this helps ONE person, this is worth it!