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Discussion created by av on Feb 8, 2013
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In general, I like marriott website, it is responsive, has good navigation, it respects "back" button.

There are only few things that I think should be resolved:


1. When my session expires and I am forwarded to login page, please, bring me back to my target page:


example 1:

I have an opened window with my marriott activity information on it. I click "My account", "upcoming reservation", "vew all upcoming reservation". 3 Clicks.

My session is expired, so I am forwarded to the login page. I submit my password and now I am forwarded to .... main page.

I need to do my 3 clicks again.


example 2:

I am on insiders blog page. But my session is expired, so I am welcomed as a guest.

Ok, I enter my password and I am forwarded to ... marriott main page! it is not even insiders main page!

I press "back" 2 times. Now I am back to insiders blog page. I press F5 to refresh a page. I think that now website will find my reestablished session.

No! It is the same page and I am still a guest. I press login again and voilà! I am in.

Total: 3 Clicks (excluding F5)


2. Please, save my search parameters for a longer time


When I plan my vacation, I don't just search for a hotel and press a "book" button. I check rates, try different properties, then go to check airline prices, go back, reestablish my session, reenter search parameters and so on and so on.

I am Ok to reconnect, I don't want to reenter my search parameters. It changes the process from fun to tedious job.