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The famous "Red Rocks Western Town" is truly special!


Wanted to share some information with you from last week's trip. (Especially Chrisf, who will be there soon)


There are no Marriott's in the area, so I chose a nice Hilton Resort, but there are wonderful Best Western's as well.


Would recommend you stopping in at The Chamber of Commerce first.  It's on South Main Street and is free, if you go to the "Many" helpful places that have signs offering "Information", they are going to try to sell you local time shares places.  Here is where you want to start your visit:


The Best Western on Main Street, looked like a good place to stay.



Go to this place first!  Wonderful and helpful people who will direct you to whatever you desire in this fine city!  For free!


Google "Sedona" and see the wonderful scenery, quite a lot of "Western Movie History"


The view from The Auberge dining room is both blessed with great food, but wonderful food!  It's for that special occasion.  Unforgettable!