A tip I'd like to share with you for consideration next time, disposable packing

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Hi californian-


I know you are in the throes of packing but here's a tip I'd like to share with you for consideration next time:  disposable packing.  When going on a long journey involving air travel, I pack some clothing items that are sort of "on their way out".  This could be anything ranging from socks that just don't come clean anymore, to a shirt I don't care for anymore, to a bathing suit that's faded, to underwear that has seen better days.  Nothing that I'd be embarrassed to wear in public (or private!) as I still need to look presentable and have my pride, nor anything that's fairly new that I could have donated to my favorite thrift store that supports women's and children's services.  I store this disposable stuff in a special bag in my closet and when it's time to pack I rummage through this first to see what might be appropriate.  Then after I'm at my destination and have worn this stuff, I toss it without feeling guilty as it's served it's useful life.  I now have room for gifts or other apparel I have bought on my trip, or maybe I just go home with a lighter bag.  This may not be for everyone, but it suits my frugal lifestyle just fine.  This weekend we'll be going to a hockey tournament in Vermont and I've done a bit of disposable packing which will be left at the TownPlace Suites (like my son's bathing suit which he has almost grown out of and has permanent paint in it from sleep-away camp).


I'm a newbie to Insiders and just wanted to pass along something I thought might be useful.  Best wishes for a fantastic trip!  And I hope you don't have to leave your new boots behind -- that makes me sad!  Safe travels.