A member can only be a member of one loyalty program, either Marriott Rewards OR The Ritz-Carlton Rewards

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Hey Shoe,


How are you?


This is premium information, and the content you indicate is very clear and understandable to me.


The approach you designed here is quite relatable.

Being said, I will approach as such, and not be a "snob" or claim bragging rights with anything to them, and appreciate what is delivered to me in the more upscale method you have dictated.


One question I have is I thought you can be elite with Ritz on their own playing field by joining their guest stay program. Would points/status be shared amongst the 2?  I thought I read recently that you can only be a member at one, not the other, and I think the recopricity by Ritz "Plat" is not shared by Marriott but is only Vs-versa. Do I have this right? Essentially you cannot be a platinum member in both programs in a traditional sense, iy is only one or the other, but being Plat with Marriott ensures tier with Ritz, but if you are Plat with Ritz, that does not guarantee amenities with Marriott


(?????)  This is actually something I have wondered about for a couple of months now since my intent since the new year is to hit more Ritz-Carlton.  Should I basically not apply for their membership and have a entire different card based on certain parameters that I am missing here?


I appreciate your help. I am usually reasonable intellegent about things like this, but this one has me spinning a bit. I guess in actiality I have never seen anybody with a Ritz card, although I know right on Marriott's home page it has a link to apply for it.


Thank you for any feedback, and if anybody else has any commentation, please let me know!!


- Al.