No points for Parking

Discussion created by nuhusker on Feb 4, 2013
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I know this has probably been beat to death, but my recent stay at the JW Houston near galleria mall reminded me of how ridiculous it is that my most major expenditure (other than the room rate) did not qualify for points under the MR program.  At 30 dollars a day, those points would have added up.  The valet staff were all wearing uniforms with a Marriott logo so I thought for sure that the parking was a hotel function and not an outside vendor.  I'm just curious...are there any full service hotels, Marriott or otherwise, that award points for parking costs?


I do need to say that this was a nice hotel, staff was as friendly as any I've seen, and the concierge lounge was good.  My "experience" with the room service order and this parking issue were the only downsides to the stay.