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Not Receiving Any Insider Communications

Question asked by pluto77 on Feb 1, 2013
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2013 by tryt53

Happy Friday to All,

I am not receiving any Insider communications.  1) No emails, 2) my communications page is "hosed", and 3) on the home page, the most recent activity is not chronologically listed (older stuff ahead of newer stuff).  What I mean by "hosed," is that when I log in, my communications page will list x number of unread items, and they are old.  When I mark all of the items as unread sorry, read, and leave the page, later when I come back to the communications page, the same items are there, marked as unread.  New items have not been showing up for the past two days.  I have cleared cookies and temporary internet files, closed and reopened browser, and have typed in the URL as opposed to using existing links (that may be old), all to no avail.  Does the website use any add ons or active x controls that perhaps I am using the wrong versions of? (I am not a web programmer).


I can't join in a conversation (as Marriott invites us to do) if I can't see any conversation activity.


Anyone else besides myself and Californian having similar issues?  Any suggestions?