Beware of Advance Purchase Rates

Discussion created by superchief1 on Jan 27, 2013
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I was making several reservations for an upcoming move and accidently made an advanced purchase reservation for a Marriott Courtyard. I had been searching for a AAA rate and noticed a lower rate under the 'standard rate' tab. I booked the room not noticing that is was advance purchase. I would not expect to find an advance purchase rate under the 'standard rate' tab. Today I wanted to modify the reservation and only then realized the problem. Since the rate specified that it could be changed the next day, I called customer care to have it cancelled. It turns out that I was 1 hour over the 24 hr.limit (rate doesn't specify 24 hr, only next day). The platinum customer care supervisor indicated that since I was 1 hour over the time limit, only the hotel is able to cancel the reservation so I have to wait for the hotel's reply. In the past, Marriott customer care would have cancelled this for a lifetime platinum customer without a problem (unless it was a frequent occurrence). I suggest that advance purchase rates be listed under a special tab or for special rates rather than 'standard' rates, and am very disappointed in the lack of flexibility they have in situations where a loyal customer makes an honest mistake and tries to correct it. It is becoming more clear that they no longer care about their most loyal customers.